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  • This song was written and produced specifically for the promotion of unity and peace in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. Over the year Africa have been suffering from different kinds of   crisis be it ethnic group crisis, political crisis, social crisis, religious crisis etc.  Not jut Africa but some other part of the world have suffered from these as a result of corruption, nepotism and god fatherism,  as a Nigerian and as a singer I believe I could make a difference by preaching the gospel of peace through this medium and that is what we have just done. Africa must live again, Nigerians must be united, the world must embrace peace.

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    Verse1__Situation gat me crying out loud ,in my country home can't even say how ,ethnic war is crazy we better say it now,it seems the symbol of peace is getting locked out.I was walking down the street mate holigans, behold breaking the law they laid me flat.intertribal crisis is bad, is such a trash the only way we know her is war ,corruption, blood share,so innernimous when it is election .need unity and peace in our nation loving one another respecting feelings true love is what we need,we need the fear of the Lord . Acommon___chorus__ka anyii bili na udo_3times udo ka anyii na acho__verse 2rap__A place so full of life and blessing,gat true love for my African homes,beautiful place is so fresh and clean, beautiful people with them priety dimples so u had.so tell me why we living in pains,politicians why  trying to make life had for the people, why  trying to make them cry ,see them suffering ,see the people dieing of hunger,child abuse. Africa we hoping of change ,little kids everyday in the street no shelter, young boys and girls roming around no helper,praying for peace and unity in Nigeria___vers 3 __ejeka we need to come together we can b strong if we learn to live as one ko ohni si shoro koko gbogbo alamu gbogbo alajewnjo I no go run I no go jar because I Lov 9ja. __verse4_The to them are crying every day mama and papa are crying every day, Hawking upon the street all night and day politicians the are so wicked they.took a lot of our money and put it in their yard outing all we masses upon starvation seh mudaga Nigeria muptareh seh mudaga Nigeria muptareh.


    Chigozie Christopher a.k.a CG CHRIS is an artist so talented, he is a gospel singer, a raper, an instrumentalist's, a music director, started music at the age of 12 as a young chorister later attended his music school in Ghana now a music director and a member at the New Jerusalem spirit filled church Int'l, went to federal govt college warrii and also attended part academy agboju Lagos graduated from Uniport as a part time student.
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